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What started as a hobby soon became a gateway to other opportunities.

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Writing has proven to be one of the most effective methods for relieving stress, being more organised, and increasing productivity. It can be very beneficial and effective if you are going to post your content on the internet. Let’s be real. If you’re a developer working on a project, chances are you’ve written documentation for the module you’ve worked on in order to share your knowledge with your team.

20+ years and still going strong.

In the 1990s, the initial blogs were created mainly by programmers who focused on highly technical subjects. By the early 2000s, blogging became mainstream. This is when Google bought Blogger from…

These shows inspire the hell out of me even when I am not working.

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After a long week of brainstorming, meetings, and coding, I always spend my weekends reading books, writing articles, or watching TV shows and movies. This is essential for keeping me sane and for fueling my creative juices as I come up with ideas to work on and, if applicable, add something to my work.

One of my favourite ways to unwind is to watch TV shows in the Sci-Fi or thriller genres, but the icing on the cake is always anything connected to coding, hacking, programming, or entrepreneurship. I am a sucker for these shows. …

A small list of accomplished goals is certainly beneficial than just a long list of unfinished goals.

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Let’s be honest, every new year, you make a list of goals for yourself that will change your life forever. At least, that’s what you think. It was something I used to do every year. I hoped maybe thinking about ambitious goals and jotting them down in my journal would make me push enough to work on myself. However, I’ve constantly failed for a couple of years and I’m so not proud of it.

Let me ask you this: When was the last time you crossed something off your to-do list?

You may have finished the first few tasks, but…

Everything from Command Line (Linux), Python, Java, JavaScript, web development, and many more.

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Over the last few years, GitHub has become more than a mere versioning-control system. It is a one-stop place where developers collaborate and contribute together that forms such a strong community and an enormous network among the developers and programmers. But finding useful repositories has been an uphill task for many.

As per Wikipedia, GitHub reports having over 40 million users and more than 190 million repositories making it the largest host of source code in the world. The sheer mass also comes to the problem to find the most useful repositories available out there. …

I passed the Cloud exam recently and this is my journey of how I prepared for the exam.

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One of the goals of mine was to get certified in Cloud. When they said, “Everything is moving to cloud” a few years back, I didn’t really understand, but then Microservices architecture gained popularity with Docker and Kubernetes. It changed everything for me as a Software Developer. My organization started the “Lift-and-Shift” migration for the applications deployed in an on-premises environment. I developed a passion for Cloud and Cloud-Native technologies. Therefore, I started preparing for Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam and got certified.

Why Google Cloud?

Google Cloud (or GCP) along with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure form the “Big 3…

Simplify Kubernetes deployment by reducing complexity and redundancy with Helm

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Over the years, Kubernetes has become one of the most loved platforms that developers want to learn. It has been widely adopted by all organisations today. When you run any application on Kubernetes, you must deploy a number of components, including deployment, configmap, secrets, and so on. Each of them requires the creation of a group of manifest files in YAML format. Maintaining numerous manifest files for each of these resources becomes challenging in the setting of complex application deployment.

Creating the manifest files and providing configuration parameters externally might be critical in allowing you to modify deployments. …

Everything about the ‘language of the Web’.

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If you are a new developer, chances are that you must have started your development journey with JavaScript as your programming language using coding boot camps like freeCodeCamp or from any popular YouTube channel such as Traversy Media or Net Ninja. On the other hand, if you have been programming for a while, then you must have started with any of the C-family programming languages, but then you must have also used JavaScript (at least once) in your project.

Whatever may be the case, JavaScript is undoubtedly called the language of the Web as the popularity of the language has…

Everyone knows these but they hardly admit it.

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There is no denying that everyone gets stuck at least once in their lives. This usually happens when you are trying out new things in life, things that you thought would be a great idea but subsequently discovered to be incredibly difficult to continue forward with. When this happens, you seek refuge in doing the simplest of things to get motivated.

There is a saying about life that goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” which was, of course, derived from the writer Elbert Hubbard’s published obituary (The King of Jesters) penned in 1915.

“He picked up the lemons…

These movies will either inspire or entertain you, or both.

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Movies are one of the most significant art forms since they not only entertain viewers for 2–3 hours but also educate them about life, history, culture, and so on. Whenever a movie is released based on the life of programmers, hackers or a tech company, I get extremely excited. After all, every programmer enjoys seeing their job from a different perspective. Although Hollywood has a reputation for presenting programmers in a fairly corny way, most of them are stereotyped as geeky nerds, there have been several times when it has gotten it right.

If you are like me who loves…

This list contains the most impractical programming languages ever created.

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Over the past few years, a debate has been sparked within the programming community over the best programming languages in the world. Some developers call Java the foremost mature and best programing language because it is widely utilized in building enterprise applications although it’s quite complex to learn, while some say Python for its simple syntax and broad usages in creating scripts, machine learning and deep learning despite being super slow, whereas JavaScript is the language of choice for several after NodeJs was released, which presented the thought of “JavaScript everywhere” paradigm, having the same language for server-side and client-side…

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