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A Software Developer who believes in making the world a better place by writing one code/story at a time. | Website & Socials:

“They came, they saw, they created (and coded)!”

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The other day when I was trying to fix a bug in one of the applications I was working on, I was really frustrated with myself as the fix was really easy (I missed some configuration but for some reason, the logs were not printing the error). I wasted 25 minutes on it. After the code fix, I wondered what if I was sitting with one of the Greatest Programmers of all time (hypothetically), how much time would they have taken to find the root cause.

1 minute?… 30 seconds?… 1 second?

Programming is a skill. It's an art for…

Gone are the days when only bodybuilders needed cheat days.

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We all have been intrigued by the work ethics of successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and Jeff Bezos who are considered as the hardest working individuals in their respective companies. You might even see videos of people trying out their daily regime on YouTube and failing miserably. Trust me, I am also guilty of “living like Elon Musk for a day” which I failed (obviously) and I will not shy away from this fact at all. The question is, “Is it worth it?

I have been working as a Software Developer for some years now. Having a 9–5…

I passed the Cloud exam recently and this is my journey of how I prepared for the exam.

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One of the goals of mine was to get certified in Cloud. When they said, “Everything is moving to cloud” a few years back, I didn’t really understand, but then Microservices architecture gained popularity with Docker and Kubernetes. It changed everything for me as a Software Developer. My organization started the “Lift-and-Shift” migration for the applications deployed in an on-premises environment. I developed a passion for Cloud and Cloud-Native technologies. Therefore, I started preparing for Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam and got certified.

Why Google Cloud?

Google Cloud (or GCP) along with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure form the “Big 3…

You never know what is the origin of your depression and it is hard to explain.

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It feels like nothing and everything all at the same time.

Every day seems like another giant to be slain, in a never-ending battle. You just survive each day, hour, a minute at a time. And sometimes it takes everything you have just to do that.

I have not talked about this in detail, but the last 2 months have probably been the worst time of my life. I still don’t feel like talking in detail about the exact issue, but it’s a very integral part of my life that is seemingly falling apart. But again, I don’t even know…

In order to save humanity from each other, this seems to be the only way out.

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There used to be a time when death, be it, anyone, even a stranger was met with sadness and hurt. When war was seen as more horrific than our reactions watching a tragic movie ending. Death, war, destruction, pain, hurt, revenge, sadness, and pandemics or sickness are so normalized in the world we live in now, that we barely flinch when hearing about any of them.

Imagine being in the unfortunate position of having to explain what war is to a young child. It’s a task most of us, at some point in our lives are assigned with. To a…

These life lessons have made me the person I am today.

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One thing I can assure you that you’ll agree with me. We can never repay our parents for whatever they have done for us. How can we? There is no measure after all. They have supported us through thick and think.

I am sure I am not alone about what I am saying or feeling. They have always been there for me mentally, physically and emotionally. They have taught me lessons that I think it is worth sharing.

Want to read this story later? Save it in Journal.

You can’t find happiness without purpose.

My father always used to tell me when I was growing up…

There are three ways you can break your Singleton class and you must know how to prevent it.

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If you are working in an object-oriented system, then you must be working with one of the Design Patterns as proposed by the Gang of Four (GoF) in their book, ‘Design Patterns — Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software’ in 1994. Singleton design pattern is one such design pattern which we have used in our applications extensively. The Singleton design pattern belongs to the family of Creational design patterns.

Why use Singleton Pattern in the first place?

The main idea behind the Singleton class is to create only one object and not allowing object creation further, thereby controlling the object creation process. …

An average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day and believe it or not, every decision we make decides our future in some way.

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We sometimes think that being bold is about just having ideas that are outside of the realm of the norm and just going through with it even though that our conscience assures us that it might not work in its entirety. Well, I have always been a big believer in objective thinking. I have been told as well as I can sometimes be detached from my personal feelings and give opinions that are just facts. I am hopeful that I am not the only one like this in the entire world.

I believe that the biggest determinant in my development…

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” — Paul Valery, French Poet

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When we were teenagers, we always used to crave things that the adults could do without giving anyone any explanation. When we enter our 20s, at first, we feel full of energy and sense endless possibilities of shaping up of our future, doing kinds of stuff like solo travel, sky-diving, etc. and having the philosophy of ‘You only live once!’.

Then life hits hard to all of us. Your startup failed. You have your first major breakup. You already have a string of failures. But you also have an opportunity to start again.

There have been some lessons learned the…

Cyrus the Great had rescued people from captivity, helped in building cities, and promoted human rights.

The victory of Cyrus over Lydia’s Croesus at the Battle of Thymbra, 546 BC. Image from Wikimedia Commons

Cyrus of Persia (TK)(Old Persian) commonly known as Cyrus the Great, also called Cyrus the Elder by the Greeks, was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, the first Persian Empire. Under his rule, the empire embraced all the previous civilized states of the ancient Near East, expanded vastly and eventually conquered most of Western Asia and much of Central Asia. From the Mediterranean Sea and Hallesport in the west to the Indus River in the east, Cyrus the Great created the largest empire the world had yet seen. …

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