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I revisit this every six months to refresh my knowledge.

Photo of Naval Ravikant from Wikipedia Commons

The other day, I was listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast while I was coding on one of my applications and I was extremely happy to hear the name of the guest.

It was none other than Naval ‘Awesome’ Ravikant. Yeah, awesome is just a lame adjective for Naval.

For those…

With great software comes great productivity.

Photo by Kiyun Lee on Unsplash

A year back, I was the most lost person on the planet, trying to figure out my routine and schedule in order to make myself productive as much as possible. Of course, like everyone in my situation would, I started reading books and watching videos to get every possible inspiration.

You won’t realize the benefits until you try.

Photo by Midas Hofstra on Unsplash

It’s been 18 months since the first lockdown was announced. A lot of things had to change due to the mandatory imposition to safeguard the lives of the people.

School teachers had to adapt and change to the new format of teaching via zoom calls. Senior doctors were required to…

People don’t leave bad jobs. They leave because of bad managers and poor management who don’t appreciate their values.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

When I started working as a software developer, I had huge expectations from the startup where I was working. See, the thing is, I was lured by the salaries and lifestyles of the software developers, which created high aspirations in the first place.

It was so disappointing to find myself…

And I couldn’t be happier as it changed my life.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

In 2009, I spent the last few days at home. I enrolled in one of the prominent schools that would prepare me for a highly competitive entrance exam for the most premier colleges in India. That school was around 830 kilometres (516 miles) away. …

These friends are constantly trying to bring you down in every way.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I won’t lie if I say I have less than 10 friends now with whom I truly connect.

There was a time when I used to spend a considerable amount of time on social media sites like Orkut and later on Facebook where I had hundreds of friends. …

The company aggressive expansion and acquisition policies have enabled them to surpass Apple and Google in terms of market capitalization.

Editorial Rights purchased from lev radin/

Amazon started off small, selling books online by Jeff Bezos in 1995. Twenty years later, the company now sells everything from furniture to food to clothing and even offers cloud computing services for businesses. The company made a $26.9 billion profit in 2020, more than the last 3 year’s total…

…but they don’t want to work after that.

Photo by Giammarco on Unsplash

I love reading books. I have been reading them since my childhood. I find them extremely engaging since they help me to immerse myself in the fictional world of magical creatures, deadly monsters, or psychotic serial killers, and they let me forget all the worries in the world.

Reading self-help…

…and I am so grateful to her.

Photo by Alena Darmel from Pexels

The other day I went to watch the James Bond movie, No Time To Die, in the theatres with a friend. When the movie started with the now-popular title song sung by Billie Eilish, I started thinking of the time when I went to watch Skyfall with my ex.


Learning about YAML gives you an advantage over your peers since it literally makes programming and configuring cloud computing resources easier.

Photo by Ryan Tang on Unsplash

When I started to learn to code in college, XML was extremely popular for creating web services and SOAP services. However, it was not easy to learn or get used to XML. This led to the popularity of JSON, which was not only easy to pick up and learn but…

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